T21 Motorcycle Run raising awareness for Down Syndrome


Cody Rowe, Shane Rowe, Owen Rowe and Michelle Rowe hold the ‘Owen Rowe Award for Best Bike” perpetual trophy at 2016 T21 Motorcycle Run. Photo: Michelle Rowe. 

Owen Rowe was born with down syndrome.

Six months after he was born his mother, Michelle Rowe realised there wasn’t enough awareness on the disability.

“When he was born I really didn’t know much about it,” Mrs Rowe said.

“It was then that I realised more people should know more about down syndrome and know that it’s not such a bad thing.”

By the time Owen turned 1, Mrs Rowe organised a motorcycle ride fundraiser for down syndrome.

This year on October 6th, the T21 Motorcycle Run is having its sixth annual charity ride.

The event will start at the Redbank Plaza shopping centre and all bikes will be heading west to Lowood at 9:30am and finishing at the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Clubhouse in Kingston.

All funds raised from the event will go towards the Down Syndrome Association of Queensland’s Continued Education Program.

CEO of Down Syndrome of Queensland, Darryl Steff said the program helps young adults that have finished schooling but are still wishing to build on their skills.

“The education program helps young adults build on the strengths that they have and develop on their skills to help with adulthood,” Mr Steff said.

“It really helps for those that have left school and wish to sort of fill that void between finding school and finding employment.”

Colin Marks has been a student at DSAQ’s program for five years and said the program has been a really good experience for him.

“I have learnt many life skills,” Mr Marks said.

“My favourite part is the cooking skills class.”

“I learnt how to make pizza at a restaurant.”

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