The Brisbane dog taking social media by storm


Rohan Heath and his dog Daisy. Photo: Instagram daisy_rey_dachshund

A Brisbane man and his dog are taking social media by storm, featuring on some of the world’s most popular Facebook sites.

Rohan Heath and his miniature long haired dachshund Daisy have amassed over 30,000 likes on Facebook and nearly 40,000 followers on Instagram.

Rohan said he attributes his success to 4 basic social media principles.

“You have to take the time to reply to peoples post, be consistent with them, cater to what your audience likes and keep your ear to the ground for social trends,” he said.

Instagram pets are big business with some owners earning up to $15,000, according to The Dog Agency.

However Rohan said, despite being approached by multiple businesses, he is yet to monetise Daisy’s online success.

“Businesses will usually approach me via email or private message with their proposals but I knock back a number of their requests because I see too many pages becoming nothing but a means to make an extra buck.”

Although Rohan did have a plan for his dog to be famous before he even got her.

“I had her name and Instagram tag picked before I got her,” he said.

“I followed similar pages and thought it would be a bit of fun and well I figured if I did what they did and added my own creative spin it could be enjoyed by a lot of people.”

In addition to the success of Daisy’s own page, she has also featured on popular Facebook pages including LAD bible with over 28 million likes and UNILAD with over 32 million likes.

Rohan and Daisy’s social media adventures can be followed on Instagram and on Facebook.

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