Residents concerned as mining begins at Bald Hills


Farming land in Bald Hills is now being used for sand and gravel extraction. Photo: Meg Bolton

Despite seven years of resident action aimed at stopping the plans, sand and gravel extraction has started in Bald Hills.

Residents bordering the site area, 30 minutes north of Brisbane, are concerned the works will disrupt the local ecosystem, and have taken to Facebook in attempt to stop sand and gravel extractions from ruining the area.

Richard Townley-O’Neill runs the Bald Hills Against Mining Facebook page said his concerns go beyond how he will be personally affected.

“There’s a concern that the disruption that they do to the plains here will mean that it will not be suitable for grassland and grazing or crops,” Mr Townley-O’Neill said.

“If things go wrong, or if there is floods at the wrong time the extra silt into the bay will be very bad for the bay.”

Member for Aspley, Tracy Davis said she met with a number of residents whose properties overlook the site and has relayed their concerns to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

“When evaluating proposals for activities such as this quarry, it is important that environmental impacts are considered,” Ms Davis said.

“The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and the Planning and Environment Court are empowered to make determinations as to whether activities like this quarry meet high environmental standards. If they don’t, then it’s beholden on them to reject the application.”

Mr Townley-O’Neill  explained that while people were involved in lobbying against the project early on, he’s concerned opposition to the mining project is now dwindling.

“One of the things that keeps people involved is being a correspondent to the court case and there’s only about half a dozen of us who are still correspondents of the court case,” Mr Townley-O’Neill said.

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