Brisbane’s iconic French restaurant coming to King Street


Montrachet is coming to King Street, transforming into a restaurant and bakery all under the one roof. Photo: Pixabay

French restaurant Montrachet is moving from Paddington to King Street; the centre of Brisbane’s lifestyle and food precinct.

Completion and relaunch of the restaurant is expected for middle to late November this year.

Montrachet Owner and Chef Shannon Kellam said guests can expect a more spacious dining area.

“The new restaurant is more than double the size of the restaurant in Paddington, however, the dining room seats the same amount of people as what we have now, it’s just a bigger space,” Mr Kellam said.

“The new store shows off a built-in glass wine cellar that will be a big feature of the new dining room.

“Waiters can take in the customers to have a look around our cellar, we can do tastings in there too.”

The upcoming King Street store will include a new daytime French patisserie that will serve cabinets full of French pastries and baguettes.

Mr Kellam said the vibrancy and popularity of King Street is expected to attract a lot of attention to the Montrachet patisserie and restaurant.

“There are a lot of other hospitality businesses in the precinct attracting popularity to the area, which means we can expect a lot of daytime and weekend traffic that might want fresh filled baguettes and sandwiches,” Mr Kellam said.

“The bakery will provide each day with all the bread made on site.

“It’s a great service for all the people that live in apartments in the area to buy their bread, pastries, coffees, whatever it may be.”

In a recent press release for Montrachet’s relocation, Brisbane Showgrounds Project Director Andrew Hay said King Street is the perfect location for a true Australian lifestyle and culinary experience.

“We have carefully curated King Street’s food and beverage offering so that people can experience the best local and Australian retail & lifestyle operators,” Mr Hay said.




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