Brisbane rallies for marriage equality



Marriage equality campaigners gathered at Queens Garden. Photo: John Frame


Thousands took to  the streets of Brisbane last weekend to rally for marriage equality.

The same-sex marriage campaigners gathered on the corner of George and Elizabeth street in Queens Garden on Sunday to motivate people to vote in the upcoming postal survey.

Rally attendee John Frame was overjoyed that people of different backgrounds all came together for the cause.

“I loved that everyone of all ages, all genders and all sexualities gathered as individuals, couples, families and groups in a such an honest expression of joyful pride and demonstrated that genuine equality is a deserved necessity,” Mr Frame said.

“I believe that equality in the choice of marriage is vital in legally defining that we are just as worthy as anyone else, and can not only expect, but demand equal treatment in our society.”

Brisbane conveynor for the Vote yes for marriage equality rally Jessica Payne said similar marriage equality rallies were being held across Australia.

“Every capital city and city centre will be having the rally,” Ms Payne said.

“These rallies are important as they are a visible show of how many people care about the issue.

“This will put pressure on the government so that they no longer have any more excuses to deny equality.”

Same-sex marriage campaigner Pete Richards said having these rallies are important because it gives the issue the attention it needs.

“I think its pretty important we bring as much attention to this issue as possible right now,” Mr Richards said.

“I feel we can’t truly have equality until all relationships are considered equal in the eyes of both society and the law.

“To love is a human right and is not bound by race, creed, gender or sexual orientation.”

Protester carries sign in rally. Photo: Pene Gormley

Protesters denouncing same sex marriage gathered amongst the crowds of marriage equality campaigners.

Eight protesters carried signs that read, ‘it’s okay to vote no.’

Vote no protester Gary Scott said there were legitimate reason to vote no.

“We are for traditional marriage, that is between a man and a woman,” Mr Scott said.

“It is not fair on the children, they should have a mother and a father.”

Mr Scott said LGBT couples can register but should not be allowed to call it marriage.


Brisbane is expected to host another marriage equality rally next month.


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