Griffith Student Lands Dream Job with Commonwealth Games


Griffith University student, Madison Spedding, claimed a job with the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018 Corporation (GOLDOC) after completing an internship at their headquarters.

Madison Spedding with GOLDOC’s mascot Borobi. Photo: Abbigail Paludan

Journalism graduate, Spedding, worked hard at university; which subsequently led to a 12-week internship role in the Press Operations at GOLDOC and onto a full-time paid role as the Netball and Lawn Bowls Administration Assistant.

As a young 15-year-old girl, watching the bidding process for the Commonwealth Games back in 2011, is what birthed Spedding’s dream to be a part of the Games.

“I moved from Darwin to study at Griffith University hoping to get an internship with the Commonwealth Games, and my dream came true,” Spedding states.

“The next goal was to get a job through the internship and I am so happy I did.”

Her love for sport, specifically netball has launched her into the position she holds now, the Netball and Lawn Bowls Sports Admin Assistant.

“All my hard-work has paid off and I am stoked that I get to be a part of this incredible organisation up until Games time,” Spedding said.

“One of my networks in my past position in Press Operations has given me the opportunity to go the the Netball World Finals next year.”

Pictured: Other Press Operations Interns – Tesree Apana, Madison Spedding, Phoebe Maher and Abbigail Paludan

The aspiring “Gamer”, a professional who works with organising committees putting on games like the Commonwealth, Olympics and World Cups, is willing to do whatever it only has a semester of her degree at Griffith University, which she is in the process of completing.

“What’s next for me, said Spedding.

“Well that’s not totally clear yet.”

“I know thatI want to live in LIverpool and hopefully work on the Netball World Cub in 2019 and from there I’m hoping to work on the next Commonwealth Games wherever that may be.”

“I am excited for where I am now.”

“To say this is a dream come true is an understatement.”

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