Carindale fair promotes sustainability


Brisbane City Council held their Green Heart Fair, their biggest bi-annual community and sustainability festival yesterday at Carindale’s Recreation Reserve.

The festival is used to promote innovative green living in a family-friendly environment for all residents to come, enjoy and learn more about sustainable living.

Victor for Greenslopes
Candidate for Greenslopes Victor Huml with Griffith University student Robin Moles at BCC Green Heart Fair. Photo: Emily Fernandez

Helen Coles, one of the stallholders, said these events are important for community learning.

“It brings the community together and that’s one of the main benefits,” Ms Coles said.

“This is a sustainable market the world is looking for more sustainable ideas on living, eating and all the products that their using are sustainable.

“So this is a great way for business like mine and others to put the word out there to say ‘Yes we are doing something for sustainability’.”

Candidate for Greenslopes, Victor Huml, who attended the fair, says the government needs to begin putting in more effort if we are to have a sustainable future.

“I don’t think we’re doing enough. I think we need to promote it [sustainability] more,” Mr Huml said.

“I think some of our politicians are really being influenced by other interests. They should be making bolder and more long range decisions.

“We need to definitely invest more in renewable energies, I don’t know why we’re supporting fossil fuels as much as we are.”

Further Greens events will be occurring throughout the year to help raise further awareness in creating a sustainable future Queensland.

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