Swell festival brings tides of people to Currumbin beach



Gold Coast beach culture sculptures are a recurring theme at SWELL Photo: Olivia Weckerle

From the 8th to the 19th of September, Currumbin shore is jam-packed with sculptures for 2017’s Swell festival.

The annual event has been a hit for crowds from all members of the community, both Gold Coast locals and international tourists.

One stand out sculpture is an interactive piece named ‘Love Birds’ by Miles Allen, which invites people to write a message to their loved one on a piece of blue plastic and attach it to the sculpture.

Mr Allen thinks it is wonderful to be a part of the festival and to see so many people interacting with his work.


Miles Allen’s- ‘Love Birds’ Photo: Olivia Weckerle

“The inspiration behind my sculpture was the satin bowerbird that painstakingly builds and tends a bower and decorates it with blue bits and pieces in order to attract a female bird. Such dedication for such fleeting moments of love,” Mr Allen said.

“I always make sculptures out of found objects. I have made fish which are suspended from poles above the water which were made from wooden posts inlaid with painted plywood and rusty tins suspended in a frame.”

The iconic festival has a total of more than 50 artworks this year that are a celebration of culture, art and community.

Joy Heylen’s sculpture, ‘The Crab’ is perched on Currumbin rock and won the $15,000 Swell Sculpture Award.


Joy Heylen’s winning piece ‘The Crab’ Photo: Olivia Weckerle

Attendee, Kym Mckavanagh found the Heylen’s sculpture to be her favourite.

“There are so many sculptures to see and it’s a beautiful setting. There’s no better way to spend my Saturday,” said Ms McKavanagh.


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