National’s vote against Pauline Hanson’s burqa ban proposal


Close up of woman wearing a niqab. Photo: Pixabay 


The National Party has voted against adopting a burqa ban at their annual conference in Canberra.

The vote was put into motion after One Nation leader Pauline Hanson walked into the Senate chamber in a burqa as part of a protest aimed at banning the Islamic veil in all Government buildings.

Brisbane based Muslim community member Aitzaz Ahsan said he was outraged when he saw images of Ms Hanson wearing the traditional Islamic clothing.

“Most of the community knows Ms Hanson just does things like this to be popular and get votes ,” Mr Ahsan said.

Mr Ahsan’s sister Tooba Khan said she was hurt by Ms Hanson’s actions and felt it was insulting to the Muslim community.

“When you’re a member of parliament your words are very important as many people are listening to you,” Mrs Khan said.

“You must think what you’re doing and understand what you’re saying before you go do something in front of the camera.

“If you don’t understand what you’re talking about then you shouldn’t talk about it at all.”

Mrs Khan said although it is not compulsory for Muslim women to wear the burqa, it was something she wanted to do.

“I myself wear a hijab and covering my head increases my mark in the religion on how good a Muslim I am,” Mrs Khan said.

“Also covering yourself and covering your body gives a sense of security as no other man, other than your husband, can see you.

“So basically the concept is to protect women; it gives them respect and dignity by being seen covering themselves.”

Author and lecturer in Islamic related studies at Griffith University, Adis Duderija, said it was a good decision to not ban the burqa.

“I believe Pauline Hanson had the democratic right to voice her opinion and express her views, however, banning the burqa could be more detrimental to the relationship between Muslim society and the broader Australian society,” Mr Duderija said.

“It could contribute to further alienation.”









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