Peddling for Sustainability


Students enjoy the pop-up stalls at Sustainability Week 2017. Photo: Harrison Beech

It’s that time of the year where everything recyclable, reusable and sustainable rolls in with Griffith University’s Sustainability Week 2017.

Running from August 28 to September 1, Griffith Uni campuses hosted an array of events and activities for students to enjoy, learn and participate in including pedal-powered business ‘The Smoothie Cycle‘.

Owner Brooke O’Brien, said her family run business is now in its third year of Sustainability Week.

“We’ve done the last three years, I think. We smash out about 1000 [smoothies] in four hours, which is now our standard here,” she said.

The Smoothie Cycle showcases pedal power and their delicious smoothies. Photo: Harrison Beech

Serving free smoothies, The Smoothie Cycle is all about staying eco-friendly and 100 percent organic.

“We try to be as eco as possible. I was wondering back before we started, ‘how do we be power-free?’, and so I thought pedal powered smoothies, which turns out that people all over the world are doing,” Ms O’Brien said.

“I find pedal powered so much more efficient than mechanical. Smashes it out so much quicker, 30 seconds max!”

Griffith student walks away satisfied with free smoothie. Photo: Harrison Beech


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