Pop-up bike lane in West End


A chain of people formed a pop-up bike lane in West End last Friday morning in continued protests for safer cycling routes across Brisbane.

The pop-up bike lane was part of a string of protests organised by Councillor for the Gabba, Jonathan Sri.

Pop-Up bike protest
West End residents form human chain to protest for wider bike lanes for safer cycling. Photo: Emily Fernandez

Traffic cones, markers and a chain of people formed a barrier along the bike line as cyclists rode down including both adults and children on Hardgrave Road towards West End state school.

A corn-starch, food dye and flour was also used to create a makeshift, environmentally friendly bike line indicator to mark how wide a bike lane should be for the best safety for both children and adults.

West End resident Lucy Kennedy said safe cycling is needed in the area to help people to travel safely.

“I’ve been living here for a few years and I would love to see bigger, safer bike lines for cyclists and I believe it will help with controlling traffic more,” Ms Kennedy said.

According to a  2013 report by The Australian Cyclists Party, 3.6 million (17 per cent)  Australians ride their bike each week, yet the cycling infrastructure is underfunded.

The protesters say their campaign will continue until their voices are heard by council.

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