Brisbane hosts international ice skating competition


Ice dance couple Charlton and Jess practicing for the ISU Junior Grand Prix competition. Photo: Paige Findlow 


Brisbane’s Iceworld, Boondall played host to the ISU (Ice-skating Union) Junior Grand Prix last weekend.

Australia had nine competitors in the competition: two ice dance pairs, three male singles, and three in ladies singles.

This is the second time Brisbane has hosted the event and the president of Ice Skating Australia (ISA), Peter Lynch, praised the event for promoting  ice-skating in Australia.

“It has done a fantastic job of boosting Ice skating in Australia as it not only inspires our high ranking athletes but also attracts new skater to the sport,” Mr Lynch said.

“It really brings a lot of new skaters in to the sport and we love it because it really drives the quality of our skating.”

As one of the most prestigious ice skating events, the competition had competitors from all over world, including men’s gold medalist, American Alexei Krasnozhon.

Krasnozhon’s second program did not go according to plan, with the skater falling on his first jump and then later on another jump.

Mr Krasnozhon said  he was able to overcome his wobbly start and finish on top by remaining focused and pushing through.

“.. don’t give up on any points, even if you make mistakes keep fighting all the way through. I fell on my first jump and I still have 11 elements to complete,”  Mr Krasnozhon said.

“You can either let your performance down and let everyone know that you’ve given up or you can fight and do everything.”

The competition saw the US take out the gold in the men’s event and Russia take out the gold in both the ladies and dance events.



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