QLD Road Safety Week reaches midway point


The Smith Street motorway into the Gold Coast. PICTURE: Daniel Russell

As Road Safety Week reaches the midway point Queensland Police are shining a spotlight on distractions and restraints while also educating children on road safety.

Road Safety Week is focusing on daily themes aimed at reducing serious injuries and death on Queensland roads, with today’s theme on encouraging road users to take action against distractions and to use proper safety restraints.

Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating attended the QLD launch of Road Safety Week to encourage the public to participate in changing their road habits to reduce accidents.

“Police encourage Queenslanders everywhere to make a commitment to improving their behaviour on our roads and to challenge the behaviours that lead to devastation on our roads,” Mr Keating said.

In addition to the daily themes, RACQ are working with the Queensland Police to educate children on the importance of road safety.

RACQ’s Education Officer Jo Terry said educating children on road safety at an early age will help foster safe driving behaviours in the future.

“These messages will help to build a solid foundation about how to interact safely in and around cars,” Ms Terry said.

Police are urging road users to switch their phones to silent keeping them out of sight, pull over before checking GPS devices, avoid adjusting the radio and to always wear a seat belt and ensure children are properly restrained.


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