Gold Coasters are going vegan


Busy Gold Coast vegan markets Photo: Olivia Weckerle

With the Gold Coast’s easy going, beach lifestyle it only makes sense that people are becoming more health and ethically curious.

This interest has brought many people to veganism, a diet and lifestyle free from all animal derived products.

Chef at vegetarian restaurant Giri Kana, Kiah Davis-Walters believes the number of vegans is rising because of the Gold Coast’s dominant food and health culture.

Chocolate Mouse Cake from Giri Kana in Southport Photo: Olivia Weckerle

“People are becoming more educated and aware of where their food comes from and the impact that it can have on themselves and the environment,” Ms Walters said.

Ms Walters emphasises the importance for anyone that wants to go vegan to take it slowly and join online groups and forums for advice and support.

“For anyone that thinks that vegan food is bland and boring they must try our chocolate mousse cake; a creamy chocolate mousse sandwiched between two moist layers of chocolate cake served with thick cashew cream,” Ms Walters said.

The community has showcased an array of vegan markets, eco festivals and vegan meet-ups.

Host of online TV show The Vegan Hour, Harry Bolman attributes the increasing number of vegans to activism and social media platforms showing the reality of the dairy and meat industries.

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Vegan Love-Child Markets in Mermaid Photo: Olivia Weckerle

“I think the rise on the Gold Coast has been particularly noticeable due to the substantial number of fully vegan restaurants that have opened up in recent times, they’re now being 14 of them,” Mr Bolman said.

“If we can live healthy happy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?”.

The Gold Coast is home to many vegan restaurants and the growing number of vegans and the communities growing curiosity on health and animal welfare will only bring on an even higher demand for plant-based cafes and restaurants in the near future.






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