Games not big for small business


Small business contractors believe they have missed out on a lot of the bonanza promised by the Commonwealth Games with some insisting they have missed out completely.

Owner and operator of R & A Consolidated Mr Rob Ortlipp, 38, said that while many business contractors have had opportunities many smaller or single contractors like himself see little.

“It hasn’t really impacted us little blokes, we are just normal guys,” Mr Ortlipp said, “We don’t chase the government contracts (because) a lot of that stuff you have to be aligned with the government to get that sort of work (so) we don’t see it.”

“I think as a nation you’ll see it come down through sporting facilities but as a (small) contractor we don’t get that filtered down.”

However, General Manager of Queensland Master Builders Association Mr John Duncalfe said it is not surprising that some contractors are disappointed.

“At the end of the day for one person (contractors) to meet the deadlines set by GOLDOC, I don’t think a one man band can do it,” Mr Duncalfe said.

“I’m not sure what these guys are expecting (but) their expectations are too high.”

Rohan Cook

I am a Journalist from Griffith University

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