Queensland Police campaign to combat cyber crime


Research shows Australians are increasingly becoming easy targets for cybercrime. Photo: Pixabay. 

Last Friday marked the launch of the Queensland Police Service’s new campaign to reduce cybercrime in Queensland.

Titled ‘R U In Control?’, the campaign aims to educate Queenslanders about the dangers of online criminal activity to combat rising cybercrime rates.

The new campaign helps Queenslanders to be more vigilant online and offers practical advice including how to detect suspicious activity and how to report it.

Queensland Police Commissioner, Ian Stewart, estimates fraudulent crime is costing the Australian economy $8.5 billion annually.

Mr Stewart claims stronger action must be taken against online criminals.

“Too many Queensland businesses and individuals are being targeted by criminals stealing data for use in other crimes of holding businesses to ransom for large sums of money,” Mr Stewart said.

“While police and other agencies work to prevent these crimes and apprehend those who target vulnerable Queenslanders, it is important we fight this battle as a united front and take the control back from these fraudsters and scammers.”

Detective Superintendent for the Financial and Cyber Crimes Group, Terry Lawrence is confident the raised awareness will reduce online crime figures.

“It only takes us to let our guard down for a moment and click on a link in an email for the damage to be done. The costs, both financially and emotionally, can be substantial to families and businesses…By arming ourselves with knowledge, awareness and practical advice, we can take the control back and stop these criminals in their tracks,” Mr Lawrence said.

Griffith University criminology expert, Professor Susanne Karstedt, suggests the online commerce boost is responsible for the rise in cybercrime.

“As the internet becomes increasingly the market place, it can be reasonably expected that [cybercrime] will continue to increase,” Professor Karstedt said.

“Queenslanders – besides being generally cautious – should not go for the offers that cannot be resisted, that sound incredibly good, and in fact are too good to be true,” she said.

For more information on the ‘R U In Control’ campaign, visit http://www.myPolice.qld.gov.au/incontrol

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