For animals with will, Storybook has a way

Storybook Farm’s Krumm and Cody in their wheelchairs. Photo: Storybook Farm Sacred Animal Garden 


South-east Queensland based animal sanctuary, Storybook Farm, is revolutionising the lives of animals with disabilities who would normally face euthanasia.

The farm was established five years ago, and founder Lisa-Jayne Cameron is using her 30-plus-years of experience in the industry to help as many animals as they can.

“If the dog or animal has the will to live, we will find the way but we have helped some on their way, we do say to owners this is too far gone.” Ms Cameron said.

“Just because something is different, we don’t kill it.”

A family affair, the project sees all members of LJ’s family lending a hand. Her daughter, Alexandria said they do everything they can to support all animals, which includes helping their carers.

“We help carers with grieving and getting them whatever they need,” Miss Cameron said.

Most animals are housed at the family’s 25-hectare property in Canungra, with a few foster families also opening their homes to animals in need.

Along with housing the animals and supporting owners, the sanctuary provides a range of conservative care options including physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, massage, acupuncture and laser therapy.

“Every animal needs are different but that’s a general thing, we provide everything non-surgical,” Ms Cameron said.

The sanctuary is currently home to a variety of animals.

“We have alpacas, dogs, horses, ponies, we will take anything that needs our help,” Ms Cameron said.

But when surgery is the only option, Storybook and their supporters foot the bill.

“What we will do, we put up a vets account so all funds go straight to the vet,” Ms Cameron said.

With Storybook in the process of registering as a charity, the project is reliant on donations alone but Ms Cameron’s hopes for the future are set high.

“Building the sanctuary, going bigger and better, raising awareness about disabled animals,” Ms Cameron said.

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