Drug dealer sentenced for selling Ice in Beenleigh and Gold Coast


Brisbane Supreme Court
Brisbane Supreme Court. Photo: Demi Lynch

On Friday the 28th of July, a Brisbane man in his mid twenties was sentenced to five years in jail for producing and selling the dangerous drug methamphetamine in Beenleigh and the Gold Coast.

Twenty-five old Gary Miller pleaded guilty to twenty-two charges including unlawful possession of a dangerous drug, possession of utensils and pipes used for taking dangerous drugs, and attaining a D/H/R weapon and explosives without approval from authority.

On the 6th of October 2015 Mr Miller’s vehicle was pulled over in the Brisbane suburb of Springwood and searched by police when they discovered suitcases of jewellery, bags containing methamphetamine, money and a taser. 

Mr Miller told police the drugs were for personal use only and the taser was bought for self defence.

Police discovered indications of drug trafficking on Mr Miller’s mobile phone that same night; with one of the biggest deals worth just under $17,000 for three ounces of methamphetamine.

After police searched Mr Miller’s property, they discovered drug paraphernalia throughout the house including pipes, clip bags and digital scales.

Defence solicitor Jacobson Mahoney emphasised to the Magistrate Chief Justice Holmes that the defendant was a young man at the time and since the 21st of December 2015 has not committed any more crimes.

“Since the end of December 2015 Mr Miller has rehabilitated himself into a normal functioning taxpayer,” Mr Mahoney said.

Mr Mahoney told the court Mr Miller has been working for the past twelve months and has been seeing a counsellor, which Chief Justice Holmes praised him for.

“Mr Miller has been with his partner for fifteen months now and she is a stable influence for him as she is strongly against dangerous drugs of any kind.” Mr Mahoney said.

Mr Miller will not be able to apply for parole until he has served fifteen months in his five year sentence.

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