Brisbane organisation harnessing the power of poo


Australia's first poo-powered car being charged at QUU's Oxley Creek Sewage Treatment Plant
QUU’s ‘Poo Car’ getting ready for a day out. Photo: Queensland Urban Utilities

Queensland Urban Utilities have unveiled their latest innovation for saving the planet and money – Australia’s very first poo-powered car.

The car is a Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle and is understood to be the first electric car that is fueled by sewage.

This is not the first time, however, that QUU have used waste to create electricity. The company is already saving themselves around $2.5 million a year in electricity costs by using sewage-generated electricity to power 50% of three of their treatment plants.

QUU spokeswoman, Michelle Cull, said they are taking the waste from hundreds of thousands of Queensland residents and turning into electricity.

“We’re converting the waste from 300, 000 people into electricity, to run both this electric car and our sewage treatment plant,” Ms Cull said.

Powering the small car off of sewage will now save the company around $1900 a year in fuel costs.

By turning the waste into electricity, QUU say they are taking steps towards reducing their carbon footprint.

“By harnessing the power of poo, we’re not only reducing our operating costs but helping the environment by using a cleaner, greener energy source,” Ms Cull said.

The QUU car is plugged into a 240 volt power point and charges overnight. The electricity used to charge the car is produced by a cogeneration unit at the treatment plant. It takes the biogas produced from sewage sludge and uses it to drive an engine which then creates electricity.

“This is just the first step. In the future, we’re hoping our entire fleet [of cars] may one day be powered by poo,” said Ms Cull.

QUU's Michelle Cull with Australia's first poo-powered car_2
QUU’s Michelle Cull with Australia’s first ‘Poo Car’ Photo: Queensland Urban Utilities

The small, green and blue car can reach speeds of 150km and has a man using the toilet painted on back passenger door of the car.

If you would like to find out more about this innovative creation from Queensland Urban Utilities, you can visit their webpage.  Alternatively,  to see the car and get the chance to take a selfie in it, check poo cars appearance schedule here.



Tayla Sudall | Brisbane, Australia

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