Queensland Police benefit football game a success

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Brad Thorn plays alongside Dane Carlaw for the QPSRLA All-stars team against Petero Civoniceva and Scotty Prince’s Dreamteam.
Photo: Natalie Bennett


Almost 2000 people attended a Southside football benefit last Saturday to raise funds for the family of a policeman killed earlier this year.

Senior Constable Brett Forte was fatally shot by a gunman in Locker Valley in May.

Senior Vice President of the Queensland Police Service Rugby League Association, Sergeant Glen Peatling, said the main purpose of the event was to raise funds for the family of the policeman.

“[the main purpose was] to raise some funds for the Brett Forte memorial foundation in terms of looking after Suzie (his wife) and their three kids,” Sgt. Peatling said.

Sgt. Peatling said the event, which was held at Carina Leagues Club, was a massive success.

“We were really over the moon… we set a financial goal, [we said] if we could make around $20,000 it would be brilliant but with the numbers that came through the door the financial outcome will probably be a lot more than what we initially thought of and planned,” he said.

The QPSRLA had originally anticipated around 1000 people to turn up at the event.

Former NRL players Petero Civoniceva, Brad Thorn, Dane Carlisle and Scott Prince joined the players from the Queensland Police Service Rugby League Association in the Allstars vs DreamTeam final game.

According to Sgt. Peatling the footballers’ presence boosted numbers.

“It gave it a bit of spectacular pizzazz where people wanted to come and see those guys have a bit of a run around,” Sgt. Peatling said.

The final score for the match was settled at 34 all. Brett’s children were also allowed to participate in the game.

“One of Brett’s sons came out and made a couple of tackles against Petero Civeniceva and Scotty Prince which had the crowd on their feet cheering and clapping. With about a minute to go we threw him the ball and he actually changed sides and ran against the AllStars team and ran the length of the field to score a try,” Sgt. Peatling said.

Maxine Renouf, who volunteered at the event selling raffle tickets, said the event was full of generous people and would be a day to remember.

“It was lovely, the memory of the day will be a part of everyone’s lives, and mine, forever,” Ms Renouf said.

The funds raised will be counted later this week with all proceeds going to the Brett Forte remembrance fund.  


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