Young mother sold meth from her backyard


Brisbane Disctrict and Supreme Courts
The case was heard at the District Court on 24 July 2017. Photo: Billie-Anna Maher

A young mother has faced sentencing after pleading guilty to multiple counts of supplying methamphetamine from her Greenbank home.

Amy Leigh Broughton, 24, was charged on six separate counts for crimes committed in April 2016.

The court found she was selling the substance to acquaintances on multiple occasions, as well as arranging supplies and possessing the drug for personal use.

Ms. Broughton was sentenced on the 24th of July and received 12 months for possession, 6 months for arranging supply and four counts of 18 months imprisonment for each of the supply charges.

Ms. Broughton was immediately subjected to a court parole order following her guilty plea.

The charges carried a maximum penalty of 25 years.

Her arrest was made after evidence of multiple sales between the 2 to 7 April 2016 between $350 to $950 was discovered on her mobile phone during a search of her home. Ms. Broughton was also revealed to be carrying 1.75g of pure meth (2.2g of substance in total) on her person.

Judge Brian Devereaux deemed the amount for a personal use to be 0.1g.

He found the sales were not wholesale but were most likely supplied to fellow users.

“These are more serious than supplies to friends,” Judge Devereaux said.

Ms. Broughton’s criminal history dated back to 2015, including multiple charges for drug related offences.

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