Injury won’t deter local Griffith heptathlete from chasing dreams


Casidhe’s usual training week includes 20 hours of weekly training.


Griffith University’s rising star heptathlete, Casidhe Simmons has her sights set on competing at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and won’t let injury stop her.

Injury is no new experience for Casidhe, who recently resumed vigorous training following six weeks recovery from acute appendicitis.

Casidhe Simmons will find out in February whether she has qualified for the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

Having battled from hamstring tendinopathy on and off for three years, Casidhe is undeterred by this recent set back and remains focused on competing at the Commonwealth Games next year.

“You have to have the inner drive to do what you do day in and day out and look past the minor setbacks like injury and focus on the bigger picture,” Casidhe said.

While Casidhe has resumed her usual 20 hours of weekly training, it will be a slow progression back to her full training routine for the seven events she competes in.

Griffith University’s rising star heptathlete, Casidhe Simmons is one to watch for the upcoming Commonwealth Games next year.

“I’ve only been doing running, gym and pool sessions at the moment, but everything’s about slowly progressing back to full training,” Casidhe said.

The 22 year old will have to wait until February next year to find out whether she has qualified for the Commonwealth Games, however she intends to continue training 20 times a week regardless of the outcome, in preparation for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

“Fingers crossed I’ll compete at the Commonwealth Games, but if not the Olympics has always been the dream,” Casidhe said.

Fellow team member Jordan Betts is also training intensively to qualify for the 110 metre hurdles at the Olympic Games. While he plans to sit the Commonwealth Games out next year, Jordan is looking forward to supporting his fellow Griffith athletes.

“I have a few friends that are competing so it will be nice to support them,” Jordan said.

Casidhe hopes to represent Griffith University and Australia at the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

“I’m proud of their progress!”

Casidhe said having the support of her friends and family in the crowd would definitely be a highlight of competing at the Commonwealth Games.

“The atmosphere would be crazy, seeing all my friends and family in the crowd and being supported by the local community too!”

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