Sydney student wins gold at 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games


17 year old Bendere Oboya has only been defeated once this year in a one-lap race. Photo: Speed City Track Club.

A Pendle Hill High student was a standout at the Commonwealth Youth Games, bringing in two gold medals.

Bendere Oboya set her personal best with 52.96 seconds in the B-qualifying level for the Commonwealth Youth Games making her eligible for the  4 x 400m relay squad.

17-year-old Oboya began training with a professional coach less than a year ago and is currently ranked fifth in the open state 400m in her age group across the world and third in the Commonwealth.

Upon winning of the 400m at the Commonwealth Youth Games, Oboya, credited her swift success to supportive parents and a hard working coach.

“When I was training by myself I was barely hitting the marks that I knew I could get. Finding a coach that was able to push me to reach these really difficult targets was what got me to where I am currently,” Ms Oboya said.

At the age of three, Oboya’s family emigrated from the East African country Gambela, which shares borders with  countries Ethiopia and South Sudan.

The star runner surprised her family with her athletic abilities considering her limited experience in sports and training.

“What’s strange is that no one in my family is very sporty or athletic so it makes the whole Ethiopian runner phenomenon really confusing. But in my case I know it has to have something to do with my genes cause I’ve never really been to the gym yet but I seem to be doing alright,” Ms Oboya said.



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