More signage mistakes around Sandgate



One of three new council signs displaying a spelling mistake. Photo: Holly Fenwick

Signage around the northern Brisbane suburb of Sandgate has proved to be a problem, with errors appearing on new signs in the area.

Brisbane City Council’s new yellow map signs around Sandgate’s town centre read ‘Edinbunpin Lagoon’, instead of Einbunpin.

Deagon Ward Councillor Jared Cassidy said the three lagoon signs would be replaced soon and explained his office had not proofed the ones that were installed.

“If they had sent them to us, we definitely would have picked up on it… I don’t blame the officers, I blame the process,” Cr Cassidy said.

Last year the newly renovated Shorncliffe Pier’s sign read ‘Shornecliffe’ during the grand reopening event after a $20 million four year renovation of the 131 year old structure.

The recently refurbished Commonwealth Bank building had signage put up last week reading ‘Sangate on Brighton’, when it should have read Sandgate.

When asked about the spelling error on the ‘Sangate on Brighton’ sign, Cr Cassidy explained that decisions to replace the signage were the responsibility of the building’s owners.

“This has been done by the building owner, I’m sure if someone rents a shop there they would want it to say Sandgate to make it easier for people to find them,” Cr Cassidy said.

Locals have been discussing the spelling error in Sandgate Facebook groups and have created the hashtag #bringbacktheD as well as the widely used #youhadonejob.

Facebook users have suggested it is a clever marketing ploy as it has got many people talking.

When asked if he believed the errors were intentional, Councilor Cassidy said he did not know.

“I’m not sure, I would say it was a mistake, but you never know,” Cr Cassidy said.

The ‘Sangate on Brighton’ sign was removed this week, but has not been replaced.

Will Thames
Refurbished building displays mistake in new sign. Photo: Will Thames.
Yellow maps
Close up of misspelled lagoon. Photo: Holly Fenwick
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