Sex Convention Brisbane sets records but disappoints some


SEXPO was held at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre over the weekend. Organisers say the event broke record sales by day two.

The event featured education and entertainment in all aspects of sexuality, lifestyle, and adult health according to SEXPO.

Over 40 live entertainment shows, more than 140 retailers, a carnival space, themed ride, a motocross stunt team, and 4 special lounges were on offer for event attendees.

This years exhibition was met with mixed reviews, where some attendees felt expectations were not met, compared to previous years.

Kylie Renner attended SEXPO Brisbane back in 2012 and believes it was much better than the exhibition this year. 

“I want my money back, what a bore of an event,” Ms Renner said.

Gabrielle Campbell said she purchased $115 platinum passes with friends for SEXPO Brisbane. However,  promises of extras on the day were not fulfilled, she says.

“We missed out on the show bags we were promised priced at over $70. One of my friends was given platinum passes to hand out for free at the event after we paid for them. This weekend’s experience was extremely disappointing,’ Ms Cambell said.

Not everyone was disappointed, however. First time SEXPO attendee Jared Bell was surprised by his experience at the event.

“Had a great time and checked out all the stores and shows. Went for a ride inside a giant penis and got to meet some really cool people. SEXPO was an experience to say the least,” Mr Bell said.

SEXPO Brisbane was contacted to comment however was unable to provide a comment before deadline.

The last Brisbane SEXPO was held in 2015, and the next is planned for 2019.

Later this year SEXPO is planned to be hosted in Melbourne and overseas in the United States, South Africa and the United Kingdom.






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