Griffith University Trimester system ‘placing students at a disadvantage’

Entrance of Griffith University Nathan campus. Photo: Paige Findlow


Griffith University students believe the trimester model, implemented in 2017, places them at a disadvantage and  have created an online petition calling for the change to be retracted.

The Griffith University website says that trimesters were introduced to provide the opportunity for accelerated study, greater flexibility to provide balance, as well as the ability to lighten workloads each study period.

Griffith University Law Student and petition signer Lloyd Fyfie believes the trimester model solely benefits the university  but places students at a disadvantage.

“Studying such a content intensive course [law] in such a condensed time frame places us at a disadvantage and does not make me feel confident I have all the knowledge,” Mr Fyfie said.

The petition currently has 1208 signatures out of the 2000 in which the student body would like before they present it to the university administration.

Whilst the trimester model may not be popular with all Griffith University  students; it seem other universities can see benefits from the change.

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is also adopting the trimester model starting from 2019, with the calendar looking almost identical to Griffith’s.

UNSW student Lucille Blackwell says that students of the University are torn between the change but that she is excited to see if the supposed benefits really work.

“More and more universities are adopting the new model so it cannot be all bad” Ms Blackwell said.

“Reading the universities website the benefits from the change are very appealing, I am hoping that I will now be able to accelerate my course and finish sooner.”

Bond University was the first university to implement the system back in 1989 and since then over a dozen university have adopted trimesters, or a variation of the system.


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