RNA increases Ekka security measures


EKKA Cozzie1996
Brisbane’s famous Ekka in full swing at the RNA Showgrounds. Photo: Cozzie1996

An increase in Australia’s national terrorism threat level has lead to Ekka organisers increasing security at this year’s event.

This year will not only see more security guards and a larger police presence, but also an expanded CCTV coverage, barriers and random bag checks.

The Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association (RNA) made the choice to increase the level of security based on advice from the Queensland Police Service (QPS).

“Each year the RNA works closely with the Queensland Police Service to review our security measures for the Ekka,” RNA chief executive Brendan Christou said.

“Our measures include increased security and police personnel on grounds, expanded CCTV, barrier measures at all gates and spot bag checks at gates at undisclosed times. Spot bag checks are a measure the RNA has always reserved the right to do.

“These are just some of a full range of security measures in place which, for obvious reasons, we cannot fully disclose.

“We have always had a large contingent of police and emergency services on grounds throughout the 10 days of show with a fully operational 24-hour emergency centre.”

Despite the rise in security, police have reassured the public there is no specific threat to Queensland.

Australia’s terror threat level is measured by The National Terrorism Threat Advisory System’s five level scale, ranging from ‘Not expected, Possible, Probably, Expected and Certain’.

Australia’s current terror threat level, which is sitting at ‘probable’.

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