Nervous wait for OPs almost over


Grade 12 students enjoy a group breakfast before the QCS test. Pic: Kelsie Iorio


For school leavers around Queensland, OP scores are of utmost importance at the moment.

One small (or not as small as some would ideally prefer) number seems like it can define a life at the end of grade 12; with university offers usually depending on it.

Overall Positions (OPs) are ranked 1 to 25 (1 being the highest OP score possible, 25 the lowest). Years of schooling and the famed QCS test all contribute to these scores, and while some are tense in the lead-up to the release, others around the state are making an effort to think positive.

For Laura Lavelle, student leader at Roma State College, the combination of QCS and regular exams and assignments has certainly taken its toll on her and her peers.

“The amount of pressure that the QCS test puts on students is incredible”, Laura said.

“It’s incredibly stressful on all OP eligible students who are expected to perform to the best of their abilities.”

Maddy Conaghan, Healy Creative Arts Captain of Lourdes Hill College in Brisbane, agrees that there is a lot of tension leading up to the scores being released.

“I think most students are worried for the result. We spend years upon years practicing for this test, to suddenly ‘bomb out’ would be my greatest nightmare,” Maddy said.

“As much as we know that there are many different career options if we don’t get the OP we want, it feels like all the time and energy has gone down the drain.”

“Once the OP’s are released there will definitely be disappointment, however the real test is what we do to bounce back.”

Mackay North State High school captain Sarah Nixon brings the optimism even during stressful times, reminding that as long as students do their best, they can’t fail.

“I have had a few casual chats with friends about it and the conversation usually ends with us agreeing that there’s not all that much we can do, so what’s the point in stressing?”

QCEs, Senior Statements, Statements of Results, QCIA and Tertiary Entrance Statements are published on the 16th December, OP scores are released on the 17th December.


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