Supa-Fans Unite for Supanova!



Pop Culture fever will hit Brisbane this weekend as Supanova Pop Culture Expo returns for another year.

Now in its 18th year of returning to Brisbane, Supanova brings along a weekend of celebrities, fans, activities, competitions, costumes and everything else in between.

Supanova Pop Culture Expo brings together thousands of fans of film, TV, popular culture, anime and video games all under the one roof.

This year, fans can expect to see celebrities including Pretty Little Liars actor Lucy Hale, Game of Thrones actor Carice Van Houten, Suicide Squad’s Karen Fukuhara and Wolf Creek star John Jarratt.

Fans will have the opportunity to meet with their favourite stars, presenting an exciting chance for autographs and photos.

Supanova fans are renowned for their participation in cosplay, dressing up as characters from their favourite comic books, TV shows, anime and video games.

Some go through great lengths to accurately portray these characters for the chance to win costume competition awards and prize money.

Winners of cosplay competitions and prominent figures within the community often attend Supanova as ‘celebrities’ giving speeches and Q&A sessions.

The majority of cosplayers however are just ordinary people with full time jobs, looking to kick back and have a bit of fun.

Lisa Wilshere-Cumming is a Doctor of Philosophy PhD and a tutor at Griffith University who enjoys attending these events in cosplay.

“I’ve attended Supanova since around 2008 originally as a member of the public. I’ve attended as a student as well as when I published a book, and ever since after that. Eventually I just started trying on costumes to see what it would feel like and I’ve been dressing up ever since.”

Supanova Pop Culture Expo will run at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from November Friday the 18th to Sunday the 20th.

For tickets and event information, visit the Supanova website.

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