Making a Murderer with Attorneys Dean Strang & Jerry Buting



Brisbane Fans of the popular Netflix series Making a Murderer are excited to welcome defense lawyers Dean Strang and Jerry Buting to QPAC tonight.

Mr Strang and Mr Buting are defense lawyers for Steven Avery who is the focus of the documentary series.

Mr Avery was wrongly imprisoned for sexual assault charges for 18 years and was only released in 2003.

Two years later, Mr Avery was arrested and charged with the murder of Teresa Halbach, whose body was found on Mr Avery’s property.

Mr Avery has claimed his innocence throughout his hearing and has accused local police of trying to frame him.

The documentary follows the timeline of Mr Avery’s journey from his first wrongful conviction to the present day, examining evidence, interviewing witnesses and recounting the moments up to the conviction.

The documentary also scrutinizes local police’s actions during the time of Mr Avery’s second arrest and cross examines their actions.

Mr Strang and Mr Buting are using their new found fame to tour the world, speaking about the prominent case, the failures of the justice system and will also give a question and answer session.

“The focus is not on the exploitation of the death or the crime but rather the focus is on exploration of how our institutions of justice respond to the pressures of a crime and how they serve all of us” Mr Strang said.

“I hope that viewers of Making A Murderer will take away the enormity of the horror that is involved in every murder. I hope they will take away a recognition that this is not a story that glories in one person’s death or trauma, but rather a story that is focused on what do we do as a society and how well institutions of justice are serving us in trying to prevent future tragedies and administer justice to everybody involved”.

To book tickets or for more information on the event, visit the QPAC website.

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