Vote Trump, Australia?


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Presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Credit: Nigel Parry for CNN.

America is now in it’s final week of a long and fiery presidential campaign which has been depicted by many media outlets as a very tight race, since Trump announced his candidacy there has been a wave of Australian support and a wave of anti-establishment sentiments.

Facebook currently has a group which you can be a private member named ‘Australians for Trump 2016’, it currently has around 300 members.

One of the pages co-creators Dave outlines what he thinks is the importance of Trump to Australians, suggesting a political shift in politics in Australia, much like what was suggested post Brexit decision.

“I believe that a Trump victory will have an enormous geo-political benefit which will also contribute to improving Australia’s parlous political condition. We need a Trump here and there is no prospect of that happening – but his victory may contribute to helping us find guidance to our problems too,” Dave said.

Donald Trump on the campaign trail. Credit: Donald J. Trump Facebook page.

When asked what Dave liked about Donald Trumps politics he inferred the controversial ‘Trump Wall’ was high on his list of Trump policies that he supports, including Trumps announcement that he would ‘drain the swamp’ also, simple meaning cleaning up the corruption that is said to be in Washington DC.

“Firstly, that he will build the Wall – I’ve been waiting since the 1980s for the promised Wall to be delivered and for immigration law to be enforced. Secondly, an outsider is needed to clean up what I see as an endemically corrupt system,” Dave said.

Dave suggested that Trump should be successful based on his great popularity over Hillary, many news outlets have suggested Trump is a true ‘populist’ much like Reagan in the 1980’s.

“Underlying issues are what are at the foundation of Trump’s support, not Trump. These issues exist independently of Trump. Trump knows how to appeal to that base of neglected citizens. Trump has given people a voice. As long as Trump is true to his core constituency there is a solid foundation to found or re-found a party or political movement,” Dave said.

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Trump vs Hillary. Credit: Scott Olson/Saul Loeb/Getty Images.

ABC/Washington Post Poll released on November 1st indicated that Trump was leading Hillary Clinton coming into the final week of the election campaign, one of the first polls from a mainstream media outlet to suggest that Trump is the preferred candidate.

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Hillary Clinton moments after the announcement of the FBI reopening her email scandal case. Credit: Rádio e Televisão de Portugal.

After a long campaign of controversies for both presidential hopefuls and reopening of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton just this week, the American people will decide on November 8 who will be the next President of The United States of America.

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