QLD Government to tackle domestic violence

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The QLD Government today launched a new six year plan aimed at preventing domestic violence against women.

The Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence Shannon Fentiman launched several key actions via the QLD Violence Against Women Prevention Plan.

According to Ms Fentiman Queensland has seen an increase in the number of reported cases of sexual assault.

“In Queensland the number of reported sexual assault victims rose for the fourth consecutive year to 4199 victims in 2015”.

“Shockingly, four in every five reported victims of sexual assault are female,” she said.

One of the key actions which the plan looks to introduce includes the creation of a new $4.4 million dollar sexual assault service.

The service, which is aimed at supporting women, is set to roll out in regions including Mackay, Moreton Bay, Inala, Ipswich and the Redlands.

The plan will also include a partnership with Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety.

This partnership is intended to facilitate the gathering of information on the nature of domestic violence.

Ms Fentiman said that stopping domestic violence before it starts required a change in attitude and community involvement.

“Key to this will be the plan’s actions aimed at shifting community attitudes and behaviours that support or excuse violence against women.

The plan will also look to make sure the needs of domestic violence victims are better met by the service sector.

Particular attention will go into making sure the needs of women with disabilities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and older women are met.

According to statistics from the Domestic Violence Prevention Centre 33 percent of Australian women aged 15 and upwards have experienced some for of domestic violence.

While just under half a million women have reported experiencing sexual assault or sexual violence in the past 12 months.


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