Good food & wine show comes to town


The Good Food and Wine Show starts in Brisbane this weekend.

Boasting over  200 exhibitors from both local and international businesses, the show aims to showcase a diverse range of food and beverages.

Over 200 exhibitors from local and international businesses (source: Rebecca Bats)

Food blogger, Brooke Tolhurst went to the Good Food and Wine Show today and expressed her love of the event.

“I enjoyed the variety of stalls at the show and how there was a mixture of both uncommon starting brands as well as brands that you would find in your everyday shop at Woolworths for example,” said Miss Tolhurst.

Brooke says she loves to support her local businesses and finds that the Good Food and Wine Show is the best place to find out about new food trends, restaurants and companies from around the region.

“My fav part was knowing that some of the brands there had started out locally. I love supporting local small businesses,” she said. 
Alastair Mcleod speaking at the Good Food Theatre (source: Rebecca Bats)

Along with exhibitors, the show conducts cooking shows and signings with celebrity chefs such as Miguel Maestre, Matt Moran, Alastair Mcleod and the inaugural Masterchef winners, Sammy and Bella.

Brooke says the cooking shows are a great way to learn professional tips and tricks that she can later put to use in her home cooking.
“I’m a big foodie fan, I love watching all of the celebrity chefs and learning their little tips to making food extra special. It really is a hard profession with a mixture of creativity and skill,” said Miss Tolhurst.
“I would go back but next time I will prepare myself with more money,”
The Brisbane Convention Centre holds the annual show from October 28 – 30.

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