One year after a drug related death and festival goers still ignore the warnings


Anneke Vo 2015 Sourced: Facebook

Police have slammed the behavior of festival-goers, after reportedly laying more than 40 drug charges last weekend.

The Dragon Dreaming Festival held just outside the ACT saw over one-hundred drug detection’s, forty-four cannabis cautions and five charges relating to drug supply were also made by Police.

The charges and detection’s were almost double the amount in the previous year.

In a media release posted today, Chief Inspector John Sheehan stated:

“Despite all the warnings and the dangers of drug use, police seizures of prohibited drugs increased substantially from last year. It’s disappointing that these types of festivals have a culture of drug taking,” Chief Inspector John Sheehan said.

It follows the death of a festival attendee a year ago which saw 23 year old Sydney woman, Anneke Vo who was found unresponsive at the Festival in Wee Jasper NSW.

It’s believed only hours before her fate she complained to her friends that she was not feeling too well.

Early Sunday morning on-site medical staff performed CPR but were unable to revive her.

Anneke’s sister, Kykika Nguyen posted this statement on the Dragon Dreaming Facebook page following her death.

“A tragic loss to our family that we wish will never happen upon anyone else! Just hoping more strictly monitor of drug abuse and more looking out for each other festival goers![sic]” Ms Nguyen wrote.

Over the course of last year’s festival in 2015 police reported 78 drug detection’s, 20 positive random drug tests and left 3 people charged with supply.

The Dragon Dreaming Festival described as a ‘celebration of art, music and nature’ went ahead even though police advocated against it.

A festival that was never meant to resurface has once again proved its bad news.



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