Journey of a refugee


Source: Luyjan Hawari.

Source: Lujayn Hawari.

There are 65.3 million forcibly displaced people worldwide.

21.3 million are refugees.

That’s 21.3 million people who don’t have a home, or a country to live in because they are escaping war and persecution.

Their journey begins the day their home is bombed, or their families killed. So they risk a journey on foot or across the sea to begin a new life in a new country. On finally reaching their destination, they have to adapt to a new way of life; a new culture, and a new language.

As a result, refugees are exposed to a tremendous amount of trauma, which leads to many psychological reactions. These reactions include feelings of fear, sadness, guilt, anger, depression, anxiety, and substance misuse. Other trauma syndromes include significant distress, impaired functioning which involve intrusive thoughts and emotions about traumatic events, avoidance, and emotional numbing.

Here is the story of just 1 refugee from Syria. Her name is Reema Fraihan. She talks about her escape from Syria, her emotions on leaving, and how she suffers now; her daily feelings, emotions, and sleepless nights.

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