Brisbane man charged for possession of dangerous drugs


An Annerley man has plead guilty to two counts of possession of dangerous drugs after appearing in Brisbane District court.

Robert Beaton, 65, has been sentenced to 7 months imprisonment with immediate parole.

The court heard that Mr Beaton was found on two separate occasions in procession of methamphetamine last year.

Mr Beaton plead guilty after authorities found 2.183 grams of the illicit drug which was packaged in separate plastic bags, a cut plastic straw, a scale, $350 cash as well as text messages about two deliveries worth $400 and $500, to an unidentified person.

Judge Terry Martin S.C. says that the packaging of which these items were found in conjunction with the drugs, leads him to believe that there was intent to sell the drugs.

“The messages are suggestive of request of a supply,” Judge Martin said.

“The evidence suggests a low level of commerciality, the combination of facts known do satisfy me to a standard that the drugs were for commercial, low level supply.”

Judge Martin says he also took into consideration Mr Beaton’s previous conviction of possession of the same drug.

Mr Beaton’s lawyer argued that the level of drugs he was in possession of were so low level and not worthy of imprisonment.

Despite the defence, Judge Martin sentenced Mr Beaton to 7 months imprisonment with the parole date of 26 October 2016.


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