Halloween pranksters gone too far


October is quickly becoming the month of frights. Of fun games to indulge peoples greatest nightmares in an environment where there is no real threat.

But sometimes the joke can go too far.

There is a trend of internet pranks circulation at the moment, where people dress up as crazed clowns to scare people in public, in the dark while they are being filmed.

These people wait somewhere where unknowing victims will happen by them. Hiding in parks or carparks or tunnels and jumping out to scare them. The unknowing victims come across a horrific scene then the killer clown chases after people as they run away.

From this trend copy-cat pranksters have appeared. Two teenage boys tried to invade a Gold Coast primary school early this week, dressed as crazed clowns to scare the child inside.

Though it was in the name of a joke, the parents of the children believe they went too far.


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