Croc sighting amid rowing championships


A monster crocodile was reportedly spotted off the Burnett traffic bridge one month prior to the State Championship Rowing Regatta event.

It gave great concern to the parents and kids competing in this year’s Regatta.

Tasha Eagle, is one of these concerned parents, who suggested the idea of moving venues to somewhere less dangerous.

“The best part of the day is seeing my son back on shore after a race. That mightn’t be the case however, I should be able to enjoy watching the race without fear. A change in venue can’t hurt,”

Boys Grammar Crew – Bundaberg State Championships – 2016. Credit: Taylor Rowe

Whilst the concern spread amongst spectators and parents, it doesn’t seem to mind the rowers with a number of them saying, “it can’t hurt if it makes you row faster.”

Rowing officials quickly slammed the idea of a venue change however. Brisbane Grammar convenor, Joe Rodrigues strongly expressed the importance of the Bundaberg location.

“The course, spectators view and facilities are simply just better. There has been no reported accidents concerning Rowers and Crocodiles so why change?”

2009 saw a snake mount on 16 year old Morgan Rowe’s single Scull whilst she was in the boat. She describes that moment as “intensely terrifying”.

Bundaberg State Championships – 2016. Credit: Taylor Rowe

“I was just minding my own business until I noticed everyone on shore starring, pointing and yelling at me to get out of the boat. I had to wait until the snake unwrapped itself from the front of my boat and swam to shore…It is safe to say I now have a phobia of snakes,” she explained.

The enormous Regatta event is a tradition and a delight for local residents living in Bundaberg. Bringing in massive profits for local pubs, bars, convenience stores and hotel vacancies.

The situation now is, should the rowing event be stopped before an incident occurs or should it be maintained because there hasn’t been any further proof of the creatures existence?

The South-East Coast region has a small history of  reported crocodile sightings including as far South as the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

If you would like to report a crocodile sighting in your area you can contact the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection on 1300 130 372.



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