Lush: Award Winning Fresh Handmade Cosmetics


Finding the right cosmetics is tough when you’re not too sure what the chemicals are in the products and Lush now has new 100% vegetarian fresh handmade products.

Not only is Lush 100% vegetarian, but also 83% vegan, 60% unpreserved and 46% naked with some products moulded into 1 kg slabs.

Award winning Lush fresh handmade cosmetics is an international cosmetics is an international company with over 950 shops throughout Australia since 1995.

Products ranging from; Bath accessories, facial cleansers, hair treatments and even perfume, Lush are the freshest handmade products made from nuts, natural oils and herbs.

“I usually use the fresh face masks, hair treatments and lip scrubs. I like using them because they’re natural and more gentle on my skin. I love the fact they’re made from natural ingredients and with profits going to charity it make me feel like purchase is doing good and gives me more reason to buy the products.” says part-time Grilld worker Molly Faulkner who is a loyal customer and loves the fresh ingredients that Lush produce.

Not only is all of Lush’s ingredients are from mother earth, however they also contribute back to charities with their Charity Pots program.

The Charity Pot funding goes to small, grassroots groups that have limited resources and often struggle to find funding. Lush support groups both in Australia, New Zealand and around the world, working in the ares of environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights. With Charity Pot Partner’s along their side, The Possibility Project is a Sydney based social enterprise that delivers social justice programs through the mindset of social entrepreneurship. Their purpose is to inspire people to see the full potential in any situation.

“Knowing that lush is such an environmentally friendly and conscious product makes me want to shop there more because I feel like I’m buying products for a good cause, and that it’s a sustainable place for repeated purchases. It makes me feel good about shopping there.” Says Law student Caitlin Slater who wishes that all cosmetic companies advocated for the same cause.

Lush has new products launching every season including their Halloween products being devilishly good in bathing treats and few other tricks up their sleeves.

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