Drinking with a Fork: Carl Barron’s Latest Tour


Australia’s number one stand-up comedian Carl Barron is touring around Australia this month to promote his new act, Drinking with a Fork.

Carl has been touring around Australia and his hometown in Central Queensland throughout this year, recently visiting Caloundra earlier this month.

In his last tour, Carl sold 300,000 tickets in Australia alone and has shaken many Australians with laughter with his new tour.

“I heard they that Carl made an encore gig in Caloundra because his shows are in such high demands,” said comedy fan Cindy Write who has seen Carl every time he tours in Australia.

“Almost the whole town has tuned up tonight,” said Ms Write.

The extremely popular and gifted comedian has treated Australia and even the world including New York, L.A. and London throughout his career.

Having headlined at major comedy venues and festivals worldwide, there are very few Australian comedians on the live scene who have received the same stardom as Carl currently transpires.

“I love seeing Carl, I have seen every one of his gigs on Youtube and even when he guest stars in shows,” said another fan Jim Barns

“He is a true blue Australian, Carl will pick on every part of himself or even people in the crowd and still make it hilarious.”

Carl’s latest project is Manny Lewis  the 2015 film which the comedian wrote and produced, a  surprising feature film about love and loneliness.

Manny Lewis is a famous fictional comedian who connects with millions of fans but finds it hard to connect one on one.

Barron revealed in a rare interview, with Sunday Night‘s Chris Bath, that there is definitely a bit of himself in the character Manny.

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