Brisbane’s Festival 2016


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Every year in September, Brisbane explodes across the city with a thrilling program of theatre, music, dance, circus, opera and major public events.

The Brisbane Festival attracts an audience of around one million people every year since 2009.

This festival has not only been embraced by city, but it garners tourists from around the world.

“It was such a wonderful surprise coming to the Brisbane Festival, I had no idea what it was about but it was fun,” said Mary Louise, who had come to Brisbane from London to see family. 

“Such a great distraction from our busy work lives to come and enjoy the festival,” said Ms Louise.

To conclude the Brisbane Festival, on the 24th of September at 7pm, the sky was lit with Queensland’s ultimate fireworks display at the annual Riverfire closing ceremony.

Hanneke Klooster, who is a frequent attendee of the Riverfire fireworks display, commented on the evening’s events.

“The Riverfire show is always spectacular and this year’s did not disappoint,” said Ms Klooster.

The spectators were also entranced by the aerobatic display performed by the Royale Australian Air Force’s Super Hornet and tactical helicopter.

Organisers estimated crowd numbers would have been over 485,000 people at this year’s event.

“My brother and I have been going to Riverfire since 2010. I don’t think anything has changed even though this year there were less fireworks,” she said.

“However, I liked how they tricked everyone with a fake countdown before the actual fireworks started.”

Crowds had been at Southbank throughout the day enjoying the rest of the Brisbane Festival and Southbank Markets.

People camped out and brought picnic blankets, pop-up tents, fold-out chairs and eskies to reserve their view for the spectacular show.

“I’ve always loved the Brisbane Riverfire show and we have made it a family tradition. I’ve even dragged my girlfriend along this year,” said Douglas Parsons who was happy to share the moment with his girlfriend Elyse.

“It’s just such a great Queensland tradition and I’m excited for next year’s show.”

See the full Brisbane Festival program here

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