Australian band skies collide tours with Mayday Parade

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Brisbane’s five piece rock/post hardcore band, Skies Collide tours around Australia with The Early November and Mayday Parade.

Thursday October 6th 2016, the night started was vibrant and infectious with Skies Collide opening act.

Their catchy choruses, driving verses, bridges and breakdowns translate exceptionality to the band’s enthusiastic and captivating life in their performances.

Next act was The Early November which was a nostalgic moment for some fans, “The Early November was one of my favour bands when I was in High School,” said Josh Blanton.

“I was such a great surprise, I sang along to every song,” Mr Blanton said.

However fans were yearning for Mayday Parade’s appearance as the warm up the crowd with earlier  songs that everyone could sing along too.

Mayday Parade’s lyrics are so honest and heart felt, I feel like they are singing to everyone of their fans who struggle with finding themselves,” said Douglas Parsons.

“They help me get through a lot of tough times throughout my teenage life, Its a kind of weird connection I get with Mayday that you don’t get with many artists these days,” said Mr Parsons.

The crowd attention is everlasting with Mayday Parade’s performance and was hypnotised by their acoustic song, Terrible Things as fans lit the atmosphere with their phones swaying and singing along.

During Miserable at Best song, the crowd started singing the song word-from-word the vocalist Derek Sanders and the rest of the band members had vanished from the crowd. But reappeared from the shadows as fans demanded an encore.

“You are my favourite Brisbane, I love coming back to Australia and thriving off the energy you give us,” said Derek Sanders.

“Iv been to Australia 6 times, and will be coming back for more adventures. So be ready for us!” he said, concluding the show.

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