Lack of evidence suggests Lunar Lunacy is a myth!


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For thousands of years, researchers have been attempting to prove that a full moon affects human behaviour.

The conspiracy theory of higher hospital admissions, increased crime and general loco mannerisms have now been proven false by Detective Inspector and now doctor, Jeff Sheldon.

At just 19 years old in 1981, Jeff entered the police academy and was introduced to the concept of ‘Lunar madness’.

“Oh what a lovely full moon said no policeman ever,” he said.

He analysed triple zero calls for eight gruelling years and with the help of a statistician from QUT collected, they crunched numbers like there was no tomorrow.

“By the end of it I had about 26.3 million pieces of data all in excel spread sheets,” he stated.

Experiencing ninety-nine full moons throughout his study, he has now arrived at a conclusive statement.

“It’s a myth,” he said.

On a full moon there were 311 calls for help compared to a non-full moon receiving 310.

These numbers proved dissatisfying and completely confirm that a full moon makes no difference to human behaviour.

If this research had in fact proved true, it could have assisted the police in delegating numbers of staff.




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