Survivor’s heating up as the Queen falls


In a game like Survivor, you need to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

Especially when your friends are stabbing you in the back.

This is exactly what we saw on Monday nights episode, as we witnessed old alliances crumble and friends turn on friends.

The former powerful girl alliance of Brooke, El and Flick began to show  cracks early into the episode. Brooke made moves to reform the old Saanapu alliance.

Planning to take out friends and the two most powerful players Lee and El.

Though Flick turned on her friend and longest relationship in the game in a strategic move, telling both El and Lee of Brooke’s betrayal.

Together they formed their own alliance seeking to take down Brooke with the help of the rest of the tribe.

Brooke was taken out in shocking revelations, as she left the tribe to become the newest member of the jury.

Things are heating up now the show is nearing it’s end.

With promises being broken and friendship being put to the test, the game is getting into gear as the contestants turn on one and other for half a million dollars.

With the break down of old alliances and the formation of new ones now revealed, next Sunday night’s episode will show how the remaining tribes member’s will survive from the last tribal council eviction.


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