Should wealthy parents pay to send their kids to State-Schools?


Credit: Taylor Rowe

It’s a long dividing debate.

Should wealthy parents ultimately pay to send their kids to Government-funded State Schools?

With a new funding system being announced early next year, government authorities are beginning to feel drips of cold sweat, regarding the unknown factor of educational money potentially at an all time low.

The executive director of independent schools Queensland, David Robertson, pleaded in favor of this new and innovative motion.

Ultimately, he told the Courier Mail and Seven News that instead of eradicating public spending on private, independent schools, why not concentrate on parents who have the luxury to pay school fees but opt out.

“…a more useful public policy debate might be whether or not affluent parents who choose a state school for the education of their child might make a contribution to the costs through Medicare-type levy.” Mr. Robertson said.

However parents tend to disagree with this radical proposal as mother of three, Darcy Horner has a very discerning view.

She begins to say, “I believe everyone has to pay tax so everyone should be able to choose freely of which school to send there children…”

But then goes on to say, “I’m not sure if I’m biased because I sent my three kids to private schools but all I know is that from the research I have seen, those schools tend to always win in results, achievements and facilities so why cut funding if it’s beneficial to our youth..”

There is talk however of a school voucher system being the solution to this debate, were kids are allocated financial alleviation according to their predicament.

This would, in turn provide families the chance to select the school no matter which division, that best ensembles their wishes and aspirations.

Ultimately the two fold educational system involving both private and state schools, has served well over time…however the question now is, ‘is there any need to ‘point fingers’ at the independent schools for Australia’s diminishing educational results?’



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