Doco Audrie & Daisy exposes disturbing trend in victim blaming


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Documentary filmmakers, Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk have yet again delivered a confronting and discussion – provocative doco about sexual assault and how “shame is trending.”

The new Netflix documentary, Audrie & Daisy focuses on the stories of two U.S teenagers who were sexually assaulted in separate incidents in 2012.

It explores how Audrie and Daisy’s sexual assaults suggest a trend in victims feeling ashamed and partially responsible for being sexually assaulted.

The documentary highlighted the predominance of victim blaming and demonstrated the reasons why many sexual assault survivors do not report.

It also demonstrated how the shame the girls felt was exacerbated by social media and the culture of victim blaming which disregards those responsible for sex crimes and places the onus on the victims.

Throughout the film, the audience learns of the similarities between Audrie and Daisy’s stories and those of other teenage sexual assault survivors.

Audrie and Daisy were both assaulted at a party/gathering and were unconscious at the time of their assaults and therefore unable to consent to sex.

The emotive documentary also gives viewers an insight into some of the things young women and families go through after sexual assault.

Audrie and Daisy experienced self – blame, shame, fear, and bullying, whilst the families of the girls worked tirelessly to achieve justice for their loved ones.

Source: Audrie & Daisy Film on Twitter

This documentary is important, relevant and timely as young people are sexually assaulted every day and some end their lives following their assaults.

Audrie & Daisy is a heartbreaking film that will inevitably provoke a serious discussion and raise awareness of sexual assault occurring against teenage girls.

The documentary is a must – watch for every teenager and parent as it sends a strong message of deterrence to teenage boys (and girls) as Audrie and Daisy’s attackers were involved in lengthy legal battles and were subjected to public scrutiny.

It is also a useful talking point for the rules of consent, the impacts of victim blaming and safely consuming alcohol.

Audrie & Daisy was released in Australia on the 23rd of September, 2016.

You can view it on Netflix.

If you have seen the documentary, leave a comment about what you took from the girls stories.

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