A not so lazy Sunday: Active Nation Day


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Active Nation Day is all about getting women moving regardless of fitness level. Source: Lorna Jane

Sunday mornings have long been associated with sleep-ins and brunch, however for hundreds of women this Sunday will involve hours of exercise and no bacon.

Women across the globe will be sweating it out in honour of Lorna Jane’s annual Active Nation Day.

Lorna Jane Clarkson launched the day in 2012 and has been celebrated all over Australia and eleven other countries around the world.

The aim of the day is to promote health and to take action against the growing number of health issues women face such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.

With the  Australian Bureau of Statistics reporting that 62.8% of Australian adults are overweight or obese, action needs to be taken. 

Lorna Jane Clarkson believes that by encouraging women to participate in Active Nation Day it will help in lowering the statistics of obesity and remind women of the importance of their own health. 

“Women must make their own health a priority. It starts by making the commitment to move on Active Nation Day,” Clarkson said in a statement.

“It’s simple to start arresting our collective health issues by just getting moving.”

There are events being held around the globe for Active Nation Day. Source: Lorna Jane.

Brisbane Personal Trainer Claire Spencer echoes this sentiment.

“It’s a day where people can focus on their health and well being and celebrate it with like minded people” she said.

Having attended Active Nation days in the past few years Ms Spencer has noticed the evolution of its success.

“There are thousands of women who participate in this event and it’s only getting bigger because people are telling their friends and it’s a day where they can celebrate them selves and not feel self-conscious” she said.

Ms Spencer also acknowledges the impact Active Nation day has on women after the event, with many feeling more motivated to get out and exercise, something she says can be easily achievable.

“It’s so easy do add just a bit of movement into your day without making it feel like struggle” she said.

“It’s so relaxing just going for a walk or a run, pop your earphones in and just zone out from everything. Groups are just as motivating, just grab a group of girlfriends go for a walk or do a circuit add some music and you’re set.”

Active Nation day could perhaps soon be recognised on the calendar.

Last year Clarkson began petitioning for the day to be included in the calendar, so far she has gathered over 50,000 signatures on her petition and aims to continue until Active Nation Day before ultimately presenting it to Parliament.

“This Active Nation Day, I want everyone to make their move matter. With events from Sydney to Los Angeles to Hong Kong, we want to make as much noise globally for the cause as we can!” Clarkson said.

Active Nation Day is this Sunday, 25th September at Gasworks Plaza, Newstead.

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