Brisbane welcomes its new mobile library


The library opening in King George Square. Photo: Elizabeth Andal
The library opening in King George Square. Photo: Elizabeth Andal

Sustainability, accessibility and community are all a part of Brisbane’s new mobile library designed  just for Brisbane.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk officially launched the new addition to the city’s library services in King George Square on the 20th of September.

The library, complete with a tropical ‘Queenslander’ inspired veranda is set to ensure that it is compatible with the needs of every member of the Brisbane community.

This year, the Brisbane City Council will be spending around 10.3 million dollars to upgrade and improve library services by way of books, DVDs, WiFi and other borrowing opportunities.

Mobile libraries have been in Brisbane since the 70’s, and have come a long way since then, with sustainable energy methods and new technologies to aid with accessibility for the disabled and women with children.

The vehicle costs a whopping $750,000, however the Lord Mayor assures that it will “repay itself in years to come, adding a tremendous service to our city.”

Brisbane residents can catch the mobile library around Bilberry, Brighton, Aspley, Kelvin Grove, Mt Crosby, The Gap and Manly West on its regular route.







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