Confessions of a Starbucks frequent sipper


Over the past six months, I’ve spent $221.00 at Starbucks.

That’s in addition to making coffee on my espresso machine at home, buying the odd convenience store dollar coffee, or syphoning my roommate’s instant, and of course, when my roommate shouts me Starbucks. Did I mention I also brew granulated coffee?

Simply put; I’m one caffeinated individual. Read: No. Sudden. Movements.

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My roommate re-ordering on the Starbucks Australia app from our couch. Dangerous. Image: Anna J. James

My coffee consumption gives me some authority to say, Starbucks is the best.

For less than $5, I enjoy a steaming hot Grande (that’s a double, for the uninitiated) soy Cappuccino in a white paper cup with a cute brown don’t-burn-yourself sleeve, with my name and sometimes, a bonus Sharpie smiley face.

Not that the Sharpie smiley face is really needed because the staff are always friendly, and I’ve grown reliant on the consistent service and high quality coffee of Starbucks.

As American entrepreneur Nolan Bushnell said, “I’ve always thought legal addictions are a great way to create a business. Starbucks is a wonderful example.”

And from September 12th, Starbucks Australia will launch a nation-wide loyalty (ahem, addiction) program. Through the Starbucks Australia app, every drink—regardless of dollar value—will earn one point. Nine points equal one free coffee.

So, over the past six months I would have earned about five free coffees! FIVE!

Please note, while this post is not sponsored content for Starbucks Australia we have written this story in the style of sponsored content.

There are also other features on the app: a complementary coffee on my birthday, the ability to order and pay from my smartphone, and special offers delivered straight to said phone.

Just for downloading the app, Starbucks Australia will give me any drink for half price!

Whether you’re a coffee lover or coffee doubter, head to your local Starbucks, app in hand and have a half-priced drink on the house.

From September 12th, get rewarded for having the best taste in coffee at Starbucks. Image: Anna J. James

The Starbucks Australia franchise is relatively in its infancy, compared with the U.S. market who founded the store in Seattle, Washington in 1971.

The first store in Australia opened in 2000 at Hyde Park in Sydney, which just happens to be my hometown, and my favourite Starbucks store, so it’s basically in my DNA at this point.

Need more evidence to join the Starbucks Australia Rewards club? According to one report, Queenslanders pay the most for coffee—almost 6% more than Victorians. And over the past 30 years, Australian consumption of coffee has doubled.

Don’t waste your time and taste buds on bad coffee. Now’s the time to be credited for all that caffeine chugging—head to

Or pop into your local Starbucks—mine is at Westfield Garden City, Logan Road & Kessels Road, Upper Mount Gravatt, QLD or phone: (07) 3219 1422 to speak to the friendly team!

Anna J. James

Anna returned to Griffith after a five-year stint as a journalist. Through long-form Anna navigates the dark: homelessness, addiction, prison, crime and the Yankees.

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