It’s Doughnut Time!


Doughnut Time’s popularity is growing thanks to social media. Source: Sweaty Betty PR

It’s the age old principle of business; listen to the customer, and Brisbane-based business Doughnut Time, has been listening.

What started as humble beginnings has lead to success for the small business, with Brisbane local Damian Griffiths owning a number of stores that have now spread across the country.

Marketing director of Doughnut Time, Laura Loubert acknowledges the impact social media has had on the business, paying close attention to the feedback and requests customers provide on sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

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“There’s certainly a strong link between the brand’s rapid growth, in a literal sense and across our social media following on platforms like Instagram and Facebook,” Ms Loubert said.

So what sets Doughnut Time apart from its competitors?

Ms Loubert credits the artistry and hard work that goes into each batch of doughnuts by staff.

“Our doughnuts are made by real people each and every day, and we try to reinforce the ‘hand made’ aspect of the Doughnut Time brand wherever possible. We think that’s something people really warm to, relate to, and it sets us apart from a lot of other companies who might be perceived as competitors,”Ms Loubert said.

Doughnut Time regularly creates new flavours for customers. Source: Sweaty Betty PR

Ms Loubert says that Doughnut Time above all else, listen to customer demands and suggestions, especially when it comes to catering for people with dietary requirements such as vegans.

“We saw this demand by looking at the engagement of our following on Instagram and Facebook, and it reached a point where we couldn’t ignore the many, many requests for vegan products,” the Marketing Director said.

“It was probably the biggest challenge for our chefs to date, but creating new vegan flavours on a regular basis is something we’re very much committed to,”

Brisbane vegan Liz Calligeros thinks it’s great that a well-known local business caters for those with different dietary needs.

“Similar places don’t offer vegan options so I was surprised that something so popular on social media has so many options,” Ms Calligeros said.

“When my friends all want to go to to grab a feed I don’t have to feel excluded for eating different things… and they’re is no added cost which is extremely rare.”

Vegan Liz Calligeros enjoying the ‘Vegan Fox’ doughnut. Source: Cassandra Palmer-Field

With an ever-changing menu of tasty doughnuts and happy customers, this local business is hitting the big time.

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  1. absolutely love their doughnuts. did you try their milkshakes? can’t wait to try them out one day, they look absolutely fantastic!

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